How We’ve Scaled Our Agency To $1MM Per Month, & Why Our Newest Franchisees Are Growing 40% Month Over Month, Without Doing Any Of The Work Themselves.

26 Locations Claimed. Currently Taking Applications For 2022. 

26 Locations In The US,
600+ Clients In Dozens of Industries,
180 Team Members & Growing,
$1,500,000/mo Paid Ads Under Management,
Inc 5,000 Fastest-Growing company in America
Numerous Industry Partnerships...

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When You Become A Hite Digital Franchise, Our Entire Toolkit & Agency Track Record Becomes Yours, Overnight.

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Tatiana Chamorro

Hite Digital Dallas, TX

Adam McChesney

Hite Digital St Louis, MO

Gustavo Tapia

Hite Digital San Francisco, CA

Loren Alves

Hite Digital Phoenix, AZ

Chad Pearman

Hite Digital Boise, ID


Everyday, our Franchisees are closing new clients & sharing their successes & strategies with the rest of the team in our Franchise Slack Channel! Check out some of the Wins our individual Franchisees are having each day.

New $3,500/mo Client

3 Sales in One Day. First $100k Month Soon...

$10k Website + Ongoing Marketing Services

3x $1,500/mo Clients In 3 Days

Closing A New $1,500/mo Client On The Weekend

New Monthly Client Closed

$3k Website + $1,250/mo. Breaking the $60k/mo Agency Barrier

Intro Calls & Demo Calls Booked Daily For Franchisees

New Paid Ads Clients Closing

New Multi-location Client 🍕

3 Paid Ads Clients in 1 Week

Upsell To Add $1,250/mo

6 New Clients in the First 15 Days Of The Month

New Paid Ads + Agency CRM Client Closed

New Website + Ongoing SEO & PPC Client

And More...

A Quick Overview Of The Process

A True Family

  • Introduction: Introduction to our model & how it works
  • FDD: Franchise Disclosure Document showing you everything
  • Meet Leadership: Meet leaders within Hite Corporation
  • Meet Franchisees: Meet other Franchisees within Hite 
The above process can take anywhere between 30 days to 180 days. Our goal is to make sure both from your end and our end that we are a perfect fit. 

Business Intelligence 

We are the sum of those around us and with this model, you're surrounded by amazing agencies all dedicated to growth. By using the same fulfillment, operations, team, the framework we spend more time building upon each others ideas vs. starting from scratch with our own. 

Scaled Fulfillment

From quality assurance to a full-blown training department, with our program, you go from a small team to robust fulfillment operations overnight. 

Economies of Scale Growth 

Agency growth has many variables beyond your ability to sell. It's about the brand, perceived value, assets, access to information, case studies, and so much more. With our program, we are building this out as a team vs. just one person building it out by themselves. 

Operations Built To Scale 

Built utilizing the #1 platform in the world, SalesForce, our operations team of 7 dedicated full-time team members is constantly focused on building out the best operational guides, processes, and systems for our agencies. 

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Franchise Territories across the U.S.



What is the process of owning a Hite Franchise?
Our vetting process is about getting to know you and you get to know us. During this process, you will meet our leadership team, speak to other franchisees, and get all your questions answered with our recruitment team. You will also be presented an FDD before anything is kicked off to give you a full disclosure of Hite & what it entails. Ultimately deciding if we are the right fit.
Do I need to own an agency to become a Hite Franchise owner?
The Franchise model is tailored to anyone looking to start or to scale their agency. Apply now and let’s get started! Our average franchise comes on with 20-40k in monthly revenues however, we’ve had franchise start from scratch.
What type of support will I receive as a franchise owner?
Our support is robust and outlined in detail within the FDD along with what services we provide directly through the franchise such as fulfillment, systems and operational processes.
What does it mean to be a Hite Digital Franchisee?
Being a Hite Digital Franchise owner means you are part of a team that is aligned with the same values. We are heavily invested in family and faith. These values are part of how we make decisions in business, always putting family and faith at the heart of everything.  
What are the plans for Hite Digital in the future?
Our commitment is to become one of the largest agencies in the world serving clients in multiple languages via many services. 
How does Hite Digital define its territories?
Franchisees own a city and must live in that city to operate it. Nevertheless, there is no limit to where your leads can come from, you can serve anyone in the world.
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